Supporting Roles

We think where our food comes from and those who produce it are important. Here are some of the farmers, fishermen, butchers, bakers, sausage makers and other friends responsible for what becomes your feast who don't get to take a bow at dinnertime.




Allen Farm, Dartmouth - Debbie Barrett, birth mother of Marc and Kristen's farm, grows organic greens and herbs, tomatillos and a juicy cuke or two. It takes a lot of farmer to grow a little green. Her mantra for growing velvet carpets of baby pea greens is water with sweat then fertilize with laughter.




Orr's Farm, Westport - Featured nationally on 'Good Morning, America', Andrew wanted nothing more than to farm after working summer vacations for Jim Wood, a farmer about to retire. Jim, family and community found a way to grant Andrew his wish, along with title to the farm.


Diamond Acres Farm, Westport - Everyday fresh everything. You can always count on sweet Macomber turnips, fall chilies and squashes down the Thanksgiving stretch.



Stonehaven Farm, Westport - All-natural grass finished spring lamb, free-range duck and chicken eggs and the hens who love to lay them.



Eva's Garden, Dartmouth - For a wide variety of organic greens, herbs, flowers and more, an earth hostel where all life forms are welcome except for a few voles. All is sacred. Nothing is wasted. Can't leave without instruction + an armful of the day's bounty.



Skinny Dip Farm,  Westport - run by husband and wife team Ben and Hannah Wolbach. Now certified organic! They farm a little over three acres with 30 different vegetables, from fennel and sugar snap peas to cherry tomatoes and beets. They also specialize in baby salad greens (letttuces, mustards, arugula, cress).



Four Town Farm,  Seekonk - An asparagus candy store in May and early June and lots else the rest of the time. If you've just got to have good asparagus on your menu, set your event date to some time like Memorial Day weekend and you won't regret it.



Walker's Roadside Sand, Little Compton - Wide variety of whatever the season has to offer: eggplant, beets, chilies, broccoli, chard - you name it. Especially famous for succulent heirloom tomatoes, exceptional corn and harvests that go late into fall.



Noquochoke Orchards, Wesport - Peaches, pears, 98 varieties of apples - including many antiques at our neighbor's 110 year old orchard.



Young Family Farm, Little Compton - A CSA farm offering great corn, potatoes, succulent peaches, rhubarb, etc., etc. + a fun fall pick-your-own apple harvest festival.




The Dean's of Westport, A father and son team with amazing skill and endurance. They hook + line very big fish in local waters, usually well before sunrise.




Northern Edge Seafood,  Dartmouth, 508.636.2045 - Jay Blanchard scalloped out of New Bedford for 10 years before deciding it was a 'drag' and started peddling them locally instead - right off the boats, incredibly fresh and unadulterated.



Iggy's Bread of the World, Cambridge - To us, Iggy's is about abundance and feasting. Large, crafted loaves in archetypal forms encrusted in bronze. Breaking them open evokes thanks giving.




Sam's Bakery, Fall River, 508.674.5422 - Going to Sam's Lebanese Bakery is like going home for Dan, to the good, fresh handmade flatbread that's been on the table ever since he can remember. In his words, it's like going to church, too. The oven is communal. Everyone is welcome, quietly lining up to "receive".

Olive Oiler


Olio di Melli, Westport - Slow Food New England Governor and her husband who canvas Tuscany for the best olive oils come harvest time and peddle them at farmers' markets from Pawtucket to Ptown.


Cheese Purveyors


Great Hill Blue, Great Hill - Located on the shores of Buzzard's Bay, 50 Miles south of Boston, Great Hill Dairy in Marion has been known for its outstanding herd of Guernsey cows as well as its prize winning Acacia and Orchid collections.




Shy Brothers Cheese, Hannahbells are tiny artisanal cheeses hand made by the very shy Santos brothers from their third-generation dairy farm in Westport, Massachusetts. Some folks call them thimbles. The French call them "boutons de coulottes", or "trouser buttons." The brothers call them Hannahbells, after their mom! Their "Cloumage" has won prizes in curd competition on the west coast.


Narragansett Creamery, Currently the only producer of cheeses in Rhode Island. They believe making cheeses with fresh, milk not only helps dairy farmers but helps Planet Earth as well.


Formaggio Kitchen,, Cambridge - For great cheeses + just about anything good the world has to offer. Ishan and Valerie have been trucking Marc and Kristen's crops back to Formaggio on their return to Cambridge from Westport on weekends. Lucky everybody.


Farmstead, In 2002 Farmstead brought great cheeses to Providence and has been offering one of the best selection of domestic and imported artisan cheeses and accompaniments ever since. They pride themselves on their care, knowledge and customer service.



Persimmons Provisions, Barrington, RI - A great butcher shop for sourcing fresh, locally pastured and/or grass fed meats + related "provisions"


Central Foods Market, New Bedford - Deep in the heart of New Bedford's South End. For all things Latino, including crema, chipotle, fresh corn tortillas, platanos, tomatillos and the rhythms that they salsa to.



Gray's Grist Mill, At a mill pond on the Little Compton, RI and Westport, MA line, this historical treasure has been continually stone grinding Narragansett flint corn slowly for over 360 years. It seems that grinding the old fashioned way keeps the corn meal from overheating which results in a deep, rich flavor and preserves its nutritional value. To us, Gray's is what jonny cakes and indian pudding are all about.

Athena International Foods, Brockton, MA - 5 or 6 kinds of feta and the best calamata + cracked green olives from here to Greece thanks to a guy named Nick who sees to their fine flavor, texture and color by anointing their brines with olive oil.

Mello's Chourico, Fall River - We think Mello's chourico is the best around. They've been at it for over 75 years, Irene (pictured) for the last 35.

Italian Corner, East Providence, RI - For the best of Italy, hand-made with TLC.

Lee's Market, Westport - For custom cuts of quality meat by a savvy crew that aims to please.

Bar Service


Garnish & Drink, 774-644-5986




Tiverton Meeting House, The Meeting House at historic Tiverton Four Corners offers a unique rural and sculptural setting for weddings, private parties, exhibits, meetings, corporate retreats, fundraising, and other special events.




Overbrook House, Overbrook house has been the site of many wedding ceremonies and special family events for over 20 years. Whether you want a small intimate gathering or a larger party, they can accommodate up to 200 people. Their staff includes experienced wedding site managers who will listen to you about what kind of event you want, and discuss how best to accomplish your ideas.



Ladyfingers Letterpress, Arley-Rose Torsone and Morgan Calderini create one-of-a-kind custom invitations designed exclusively for you! As designers, artists and craftspeople, they bring trained expertise, a visionary approach and a creative passion into every project. They love to explore vibrant color, quality materials in a variety of ways.

Parrot Design Studio, is a boutique letterpress studio in Providence, Rhode Island, established in 2007 by designer Sarah Parrott.



The Throttles Think rockabilly.


Toph & Tom
Casual acoustic music for any occasion.


Killer Kane and the Jewel City Blues 508-525-0876


Alec Redfearn & The Eyesores a genre-bending ensemble of unorthodox instrumentation which spawned in the mid-1990s and whose music spans old-time Americana, Appalachian, folk and Eastern European music

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