Are you a "full service" caterer?


Yes. We see to everything you might want to serve a crowd.


What factors affect price?


    Number of guests-More cost less per meal

    Type of event-Re the extent of planning & service details involved

    Menu choices

    Date-Non Saturdays + off-season cost less


What's included in the price of wedding meals besides food?


Event planning, coordination & management. Sally Huntington will team-up with you on and off site to co-plan service strategies, arrange for rental wares or disposables as needed, tent(s), if any, bar + related service details. Sally will arrive early on event day, set things up according to plan, supervise staff and help make you feel as much like a guest as you'd like-then make it all go away when you're ready.


What's not included in meal price?


Things like service wares, tents if any, furniture, rentals + beverages/bar: Sally will see to their provision subject to your approval + desired level of participation. There is a handling fee of 10% of rental costs, if any, excluding tent.



Are my menu choices limited to your web site samples?


No. The samples are meant to begin our conversation.


How might we begin?


Tell Sally Huntington what sorts of things appeal to you, generally + how many might come and he will rough-draft a menu and ballpark a price for discussion.


When and how might I reserve my date?


When you're ok enough with menu/price + trusting enough of us to send a deposit with a view toward working together on details as we go along.


How might we get acquainted?


Start with our website for a sense of what we're about. If you like what you see, phone us to chat: 508-951-6201, email Sally at and tell us if/when you might like to get together.


Will we need a contract?


If it makes you more comfortable but the terms of most events we cater are defined by a combination of our email correspondence and mutual trust. We think communication and consensus are essential and hope for the chemistry that helps us relate more as dance partners than mere parties to a commercial transaction.


More Questions?


Give us a call at 508-951-6201

or email



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