Marc DeRego: Head Chef, Co-Founder, Farmer


Growing up in a landmark New England restaurant, Marc learned to cook before most kids learned to tie their shoes. His life has revolved around food ever since. He foraged, fished and cooked his way across the Pacific Northwest in his twenties – shaping his philosophy for fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients. After returning to New England, Marc spent years growing and cooking the best produce and products available on the South Coast. He worked at the Back Eddy under Chris Schlesinger, and later under his brother Aaron DeRego, while learning the art of pickling from Dan George. Marc has also been a representative to Slow Food's Terra Madre Food & Farming Conference in Torino, Italy, studied meat and cheese with Persimmon Provisions Butchery, and even toured Puerto Rico's Pork Highway. All in all, it's been what Marc calls "a life well fed."


"You can never know too much about food."

- Marc DeRego


Kristen Rogers: Chef, Co-Founder, Farmer


Kristen gives the phrase "farm-to-table" a whole new meaning. From growing hydroponic vegetables in local greenhouses to studying the intricacies of grapes at Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery, Kristen has developed an encyclopedic knowledge for all things food. Working for Chris Schlesinger at the Back Eddy introduced Kristen to the importance of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, and taught her how to build relationships with the best farmers and fishermen in the South Coast food community. Now that her main focus is S&P, she can take pleasure in seeing the full extent of her food know-how. From choosing and sourcing the produce to cooking and serving the final product, Kristen's greatest

reward is witnessing the delighted reactions as people share her love for great food.


"The farms and vendors I know are like family. We care about each other, and look out for one another."

- Kristen Rogers


Sally Huntington: Event Planner, Crew Chief, Founder


Sally's lifelong career in food got its start at her uncle's Irish Restaurant, where she worked her way through college waiting tables, tending bar. After years working for restaurants & catering companies across New England, Sally learned a thing or two about planning a good party. She saw how the smallest detail can make or break an event, and how important it is bring people together around good food and great company. Driven by a philosophy to create atmospheres that revere the food itself and honor where it comes from, Sally decided to start Smoke & Pickles as a founding partner. Nowadays, it's her job to coordinate everything from the timeline and site plan, to rentals, tents, and of course –

the food!


"When I first meet with someone to talk about an event, I'm so excited because I know something they don't know yet. I know that this event, wedding or party, will exceed all expectations."

- Sally Huntington


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